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Tabitha Li

Yoga Instructor


Hi everyone, my name is Tabitha, or you can call me Fa. 

My yoga journey began in 2013 while recovering from knee surgery. At first, I was hoping to gain back my strength and flexibility from yoga, but after several years of practice, I have gained way more than just the physical benefits. Yoga is more than poses. It is a journey for us to listen to our inner selves and find balance in our life. I hope everyone who comes to my class can learn how to let go and feel all the feels. Can't wait to see you guys in my Hatha yoga, Aerial yoga, Wheel yoga, and Restorative yoga classes.



Yoga Classes:
Hatha yoga, Aerial yoga, Wheel yoga, & Restorative yoga classes

Get in Touch

604 - 401 - 6670

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