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Languages Spoken: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Sharon Wan Wan

Registered Physiotherapist

Sharon Wan**, BScPT, MPhil, is a caring physiotherapist with over two decades of experience in providing expert care and rehabilitation services. Originally trained in Hong Kong, Sharon's journey in physiotherapy began in diversified dynamic settings, where she honed her skills in treating patients from various cultural backgrounds. In 2022, she relocated to Vancouver, bringing her wealth of experience to this vibrant community and continuing to make a difference in the lives of her patients.

With a strong focus on sports injury and rehabilitation, as well as neck and back pain management, Sharon is dedicated to helping her patients regain optimal function and mobility. Her treatment approach is comprehensive, integrating manual therapy, dry needling, state-of-the-art electrotherapy, and customised exercise therapy based on biomechanical analysis. Through this holistic approach, Sharon strives to address the root cause of her patients' issues, promoting long-term healing and wellness.

Sharon's passion for sports physiotherapy is evident in her extensive experience working with athletes across various disciplines. She has served as a physiotherapist for numerous sporting events, including rugby, tennis, basketball, netball, soccer, badminton, and volleyball. Notably, Sharon has also served as the team physiotherapist for the Hong Kong national rugby teams, where she provided invaluable support to athletes at the highest level of competition.

Driven by her vision to utilize her extensive clinical experience to help patients reclaim their active lifestyles, Sharon is committed to walking alongside her patients throughout their rehabilitation journey with empathy and understanding. Her ultimate goal is to empower her patients to live life to the fullest, free from pain and limitations.

温芸 (Sharon)是一位關懷備至的物理治療師,在提供復康服務方面擁有二十多年的經驗。Sharon在香港接受培訓並執業多年,在治療不同文化背景患者的環境中成長。2022年,她移居到溫哥華,繼續使用她豐富的經驗,幫助患者康復。

Sharon專注於運動創傷和康復、以及頸椎和背部疼痛管理,致力於幫助患者恢復最佳功能和活動能力。她採用建基於人體力學分析而定制的全面治療方向,結合手法治療、乾針、尖端電療和運動療法來設計個人化的治療方案。通過這種整體方法,Sharon 努力解決患者問題的根本原因,促進長期的康復和健康。

Sharon 對運動理療尤其熱衷,她曾擔任多項體育賽事的物理治療師,包括橄欖球、網球、籃球、網球、足球、羽毛球和排球等。她更曾擔任香港國家橄欖球隊的隊醫,為頂級比賽中的運動員提供了寶貴的支援。

受到利用豐富的臨床經驗幫助患者重拾活躍生活方式的願景驅使,Sharon 致力於在患者的康復旅程中懷著同理心和理解充當同行者,幫助患者擺脫疼痛和限制,充實地享受生活。

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