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Randel Mercado

Registered Massage Therapist

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Languages Spoken:
English, Tagalog

Randel is a registered Massage Therapist graduated from Vancouver Career College that mainly focuses on relaxation massage. I believe that getting a massage relieves all the stress you have and makes your day easier and less stressful. I am used to working with elderly people and have experience on how to treat them. Seeing them happy at the end of treatment makes me really glad to work with them and makes me think that I chose the right profession or career.


Most treatment I do is Relaxation Massage. Swedish, Petrissage, AROM, PROM, and joint mobilization are the techniques I usually use during the treatment. The  homecare I give depends on what clients do in their life. I like to work with athletes and elderly people. 


I graduated and learned the skills that I use for massage from Vancouver Career College. I am passionate about helping others and that is the reason that led me to pursue this career.


 Playing sports like badminton, basketball, volleyball, and table tennis are my hobbies during weekends. Most of the activities I do are usually with my family. Playing video games is also one of my favourite activities. Travelling to different places is also on the list of my activities I do every weekend.


I would be glad to work with everyone who needs or wants to have a relaxing massage. I will be really happy to see you here in the clinic. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and getting new experience through the career I chose.

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